Dave Flowers, Seattle WA

My parents gave me my first camera when I was in 5th grade. For my first photoshoot, I set up my favorite toy Corvette in a our backyard and shot it with the camera on the ground - to try and make it look like a real car from the many "Hot Rod" magazines I collected. I envisioned that no one would be able to tell it was just a toy! Of course, it was painfully obvious to my friends...

It wasn't long after school before I had a job working in a camera shop and photo processing lab. One of the many perks of the job included being able to borrow expensive cameras and lenses, and then develop the film for almost nothing. I couldn't have asked for a better way to become an experienced shutterbug - I checked out equipment and planned shoots at every opportunity.

That was almost 20 years ago and a lot has changed in the world of photography. With the introduction of digital cameras and advanced image editing software, we can do things we never even dreamed would be possible. Even so, the basic principals still apply: a good photographer still needs to have a strong understanding of lighting and composition, be good with people, and technology can't replace the most essential element of all - the artistic eye.

Being a life-long student of the arts, I am well versed in all aspects of modern photography. I can take your project from beginning to end, from the planning stage to final production-ready images. I offer image editing on every session, which can range from simple color corrections and blemish retouching to advanced "photoshopping" and artistic treatments. I can even provide graphic design services, whether it be for print or internet - including complete website packages.

Beyond technology, I am a people person with a passion for what I do. I take great pride in helping my clients achieve their goals, taking their projects to the next level and making them shine! I'd love the opportunity to do the same for you.

Dave Flowers